Success case C&G: New data center for the University of Huelva


At C&G IT Solutions we have more than 10 years of experience in successful telecommunications projects. We have the necessary technical solvency to help your project succeed. And that is exactly what we did during the execution of the new data center of the University of Huelva.


What was the challenge?


  • Need for a new data center for the university.
  • Lack of space for new equipment.
  • Insufficient and poorly distributed air conditioning.
  • Impossible to offer more electric power.
  • No large availability of air conditioning and electricity supply.


What was the solution?


  • Construction of a new building for the data center.
  • Installation of a new transformation center.
  • Racks system.
  • Electrical installation inside the data center.
  • Installation of air conditioning.
  • Monitoring and control system.
  • Fire detection and extinguishing system.