About us

C&G IT Solutions

We offer you a fully technological solution, from the installation to the maintenance of your computer systems. Our services include the repair of mobility devices, IT consulting, technological logistics, specialized software, among other solutions adapt to you.

Why C&G IT Solutions?

Your best technology partner


At C&G IT Solutions we have been offering our services to the largest technology manufacturers and integrators worldwide since 2004. The satisfaction of our clients, whom we accompany throughout the process, determines our good work and orientation to success.


We continually review our operational processes looking for efficiency based on the new projects we are acquiring. We have our own R + D + i area, composed by a multidisciplinary team: analysts, developers, designers and engineers.


C&G IT Solutions goes beyond conventional service providers. Our solutions converge in a complete solution, starting with the installation from scratch to the integration and subsequent maintenance of the system for the client.


Unlike other companies in the sector, C & G IT Solutions accompanies you and adapts to the requirements of your company. This customization of the service makes us unique and allows us to manage your project from design to execution, without forgetting maintenance.


We are present throughout Spain, Portugal, France and Italy, thanks to our more than 1,800 technical services, which provide onsite support and close, but which C&G IT Solutions manages globally. Thus, we solve any incidence wherever you are, beyond our facilities.

Official technical service of the best manufacturers