If you want to work in a different and dynamic environment, do not miss the opportunity to be part of our team. At C & G IT Solutions we are a family with highly qualified professionals from different sectors and nationalities. Passion moves us, we want to move with you.

Our perfect candidates

What profile are we looking for?

Passionate people

Those who do not pretend to like what they do.

Decisive people

Those who adapt to the circumstances and accept them.

Team players

Those who know how to paddle in the same direction.

Commmited people

Those who can be trusted completely.

Talented people

Those who stand out for their abilities and surprise us.

People who inspire

Those who are able to make others act.

Open people

Those who bet on the dialogue, the friendly and cooperative environment.

Different people

Those who, in short, make us a better team.


If you think that your profile fits with our company culture, send us your resume immediately. We will review your profile and we will call you as soon as we start a selection process.

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